Natural Anti-Moth Linen Spray


Natural Anti-moth Linen Spray with Natural Essential Oils - Vetivert Blend - 30ml.
The linen spray has been specially formulated to protect your garments from moths and keep your wardrobe fresh.

Vetiver oil is a sweet, deep, woody, smoky and earthy scent and is an all-natural fragrance that not only deters moths but keeps your wardrobe smelling fresh and beautifully aromatic. Exuding a New Forest freshness, our special blend of all natural ingredients contains: Vetiver, Lavender, Cedar-wood, May Chang, Rosemary, Thyme, Clove Bud and Laurel. These properties have been trusted for centuries as effective moth deterrents and have been precisely selected for these all-natural sachets. They exude uplifting, toning, healing and comforting properties that help to freshen and cleanse the air, effectively deterring moths. 

Hand made in the New forest and inspired by nature, Total Wardrobe Care has worked with an aromatherapist and perfumer to produce these fragrantly effective sachets to ensure a moth free and aromatic drawer.


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